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Image by Sharissa Johnson

21 Days of Worker Development

Anand Varma's Time-Lapse Video

Bee development.jpg

Social Patterns that Resist Mites

Research into mite resistance 

Mite on bee.jfif

Use Miticides Wisely

Protect the Hive, but Save the Queen by Leslie Mertz, PhD

Miticide use.jpg

How to Identify, Record and Monitor Irish Bumblebees

What's The Buzz - an e-learning module

Bumblebee ID.jpg

About Drones

Often overlooked compared to Queen and Workers


Worker Bee Duties

Sequence of jobs of the worker bee

Worker bee ready to emerge.jfif

Importance of Weeds

Alys Fowler on why you should love weeds

Love Weeds.jpg

Plan Bee - Most Useful Trees for Bees

Lists many common species and when they have nectar and pollen

Plan B.png

Queen Cells - Quantity & Quality

Article for The Apiarist Blog

Queen Cells.jpg

Varroa Habits - Dr Samuel Ramsey

Ground-breaking presentation at the INIB conference

DR Sam Ramsey.png

Small Hive Beetle - Risks After Brexit

Risk of Small Hive Beetle introduction

SHB import risk.jfif

Asian Hornet UK Sitings

A page updated with any UK sitings of the Asian Hornet and sitings in previous years

Asian Hornet.jfif


  Bee Husbandry Survey


   AFBI 2021-2022

AFBI Husbandry.png


   The Flow Hive

    FLOW - You Tube Video

Flow Hive.jfif


   10 Uses of Propolis

   Dr Edward Group


   The Fig Wasp

    Starre Vartan

Fig Wasp.jfif


   10 Ways to Save Bees

    The Bee Conservancy


   10 Beekeeping Mistakes

   Rusty Burlew

Bee crime scene.jfif


   Weight for Spring

   About feeding and hive heft

   Dave Evans - The Apiarist

The Apiarist.jpg


   Benefits of Royal Jelly




  Bees & Wasps in Your Garden



   Bees sleeping in flowers

   Rokas J.

Bees sleppin in flowers.jpg


   Tracking a Bee

  Denise Winterman BBC News

Bee Tracking.jpg


   Defence Behaviour

   Morgane Nouvian et al


   Living Artwork for Bees

   Robin Eveleigh - Positive News

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