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Malawi Project - Zomba

The Zomba Action Project (ZAP) was set up as a charity in 2003 to link Coleraine Borough Council, N Ireland with Zomba Municipality, Malawi. In August 2007, the late Rev Sam Millar presented his proposal at a club meeting outlining that an entire village's beekeeping venture could be established at the modest cost of £400 - this would include setup costs for 10 hives and basic beekeeping equipment. On a regular basis since 2008, the club has contributed £400 to this project and following the death of Rev Sam, contributed £2,200 from the auction of his equipment and from donations, presenting a cheque at the annual honey show. The club funded bee boxes, smokers, bee-suits and training to make sure the project was a success.

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Importance to rural community

African bees migrate following monsoons so they can benefit from the abundance of growth that follows the rainy season.  Colonies will inhabit a hive, deposit honey and later depart with the changing season. Honey is an important dietary supplement and an income source for villagers in rural areas.  Each hive is marked with the name of the family responsible and other families are encouraged to learn and to invest in their own hive.

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