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Beekeeper at Work

Why Become A Beekeeper?

Beekeeping is a rewarding hobby, pass-time and craft and can be a small business for those who want to have a larger scale operation in the production of:

  • honey

  • beeswax

  • pollen

  • royal jelly

  • propolis

  • increasing the bee population through Nuc sales


Beekeeping has many benefits for the environment and biodiversity and is essential to the ecosystem and crop production.


Bees themselves are endlessly fascinating.


How To Become A Beekeeper

  1. Join your local beekeeping association to get valuable information about all aspects of beekeeping, practical advice from experienced beekeepers and from novices about starting up and to find a mentor.

  2. Attend meetings and talk with other members.

  3. Most bee clubs run a beginner's or preliminary course covering everything you need to know and including several practical sessions around beekeeping activities.

  4. The bee club will have insurance for its members.

  5. Know if you are allergic to stings.

  6. Obtain your equipment, asuming 2 hives, 2 feeders,  frames and foundation, beesuit, hive tool, smoker and gloves as minimum.

  7. Decide where to site your apiary.

  8. Plan to start in the spring/summer by buying 2 nucleus colonies from the bee club.

  9. Make use of Knowledge resources, books and other online reading

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