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Club Activities

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Annual Events

RVBKA has an excellent Honey Show each year in early October. In 2022, the event was at the Limavady Rugby & Cricket Club on October 6th

The main summer event is the annual BBQ in July.

Image by Evan Wise

Monthly Club Meetings

Meetings are held at 7pm at the new Apiary Clubhouse, click map on the footer for directions.


Each meeting has a presentation or discussion on a particular area of beekeeping e.g. Swarms, Over-wintering, Queen Rearing and Leo McGuinness' What You Should Be Doing With Your Bees Now. Club members are updated on club news and upcoming events. New members are welcomed and each meeting is a chance  to share experiences and knowledge and meet up with other beekeepers.

Saturday Morning Bee Club

Starting on October 22nd, every two weeks from 10a.m to 1p.m at the Apiary. £2 honesty box.

Beekeeper at Work

Roe Valley BKA Prelim Class

RVBKA offers a comprehensive introductory course covering all necessary topics to get started in beekeeping - begins in February each year.

 Module 1: Natural History 1

 Module 2: Natural History 2

 Module 3: Equipment 

 Module 4: Working with Honeybees

 Module 5: Apiary

 Module 6: Swarming

 Module 7: Honeybee Health

 Module 8: Harvesting

3 practical sessions, multiple choice &

a short practical exam completes the course.

Image by Lauren Forando

Education and Rehabilitation

Roe Valley Beekeepers Association in partnership with HMP Magillgan is running a beekeeping class each year, and has prisoners involved in taking care of the hives. This activity and opportunity has had a beneficial effect on stress, provided a positive focus and the men have learned new skills as a result. 

Image by Brad Weaver
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