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Meet The Committee and Our Librarian

David McIntyre - Club President

David was one of the founding members of the club in 1979 and has been very active in club meetings and events since the start.


David has kept bees since 1975 and is renowned for his Ling honey.

David has won 1st place in more than 100 honey show competitions.


Celine O'Hara - Chairman

Celine joined the club in 2020 and started her beekeeping journey in 2021. A lifelong passion for the environment, biodiversity and taking action to reverse the decline in bee populations led Celine to take the preliminary course and start her first hive. Her verdant garden plants, trees, fruits and vegetables are one reward; honey harvest and the therapeutic effect and pleasure of seeing her bees at work are another and a source of deep satisfaction.

Mark Carton - Vice Chair

Coming soon.

Mark also manages entertainment.

Linda Hand - Secretary

Joined RVBKA shortly after moving near Limavady, completing the preliminary beekeeping course in 2017. Got my first nuc from the club apiary that summer.  Six years later i currently have four hives at home and still love learning more each year about the bees - each honey harvest is just an added bonus!


Stephanie Percy - Treasurer / Website

Stephanie joined the club in 2019 and has kept bees since 2021, after completing the Preliminary course. Passionate about biodiversity and the environment, Stephanie has established an orchard, large beds of flowering shrubs, hedges for pollinators, a 600 native tree woodland expansion, fruit and vegetable garden, a large wildlife pond and plans a large wildflower meadow for 2023.

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Norman Cowan - Apiary Manager

Norman took on the RVBKA Apiary Manager role in January 2024, and has worked closely with Will Jones and Leo McGuinness.

Norman started the Saturday Bee Club in 2023.

He has had several wins at recent honey shows and has a passion for learning about all aspects of beekeeping.

Denise McGowan - Press Officer

Denise joined the club in 2021 and started her apiary in 2022, after completing the UBKA Prelim class. Denise's interest in beekeeping was peaked through an Eritrean beekeeper friend in Saudi who kept hives and produced honey.

Now in Northern Ireland, Denise was wanted bees of her own as soon as possible and quickly gained experience in catching swarms and cut-outs and had her first honey harvest recently.

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Brian McLaughlin - Bee Manager

Coming soon.

George McDonald - Honey Show Manager

George joined the club in 2008 and started beekeeping the same year. George works as an Environmental Consultant and has always had a great interest in nature. Watching bees is fascinating, getting honey is a bonus.


George has won Black Jar for Tasting at the UBKA Honey Show (2013) during Derry's City of Culture year. George strives to make the RVBKA Honey Show enjoyable for all who attend.

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Norman- Housekeeping Manager

Norman started beekeeping in 2022 and has built up his apiary and knowledge rapidly, resulting in a good honey harvest in his first year.

The value of the housekeeping role cannot be overstated and all look forward to a great cup of tea or coffee and snacks at events and meetings and the preparation before and after are highly appreciated.

Sam Laverty - Training

Sam is a Master Beekeeper (2015) and has kept bees since 2009, specialising in queen rearing. It was Sam's interest in the natural world that brought him to the craft of beekeeping.

Sam teaches the RVBKA Beginner's class and runs a beekeeping supplies shop in Macosquin for equipment, NUCs of bees, and wax exchange.

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Bridget Boyle - Librarian

Coming soon

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