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Knowledge Base and Advice

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AFB, EFB, Chalk-brood, Sac-brood & other diseases. Also, Wasps, Asian Hornet, Mice, Small Hive Beetle and other pests.

Section Honey.jpg

Honey extraction and other processes. How to collect and use wax, pollen, propolis.

National Hive_edited.jpg

Pros and cons of several common hive types and equipment commonly used in beekeeping. Smoker use.

Mite on adult bee.jpg

Find out about the Varroa mite, its effect on colonies, monitoring for mite levels and treatments.

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How to select and organise an apiary site. Information on forage by month and how to improve forage.

Anatomy diagram.jpg

Development, castes, mating, physiology. Robbing, defence, worker duties and behaviour.


How to do a hive inspection and what to do with your bees each month.

Artificial Swarm.png

Strengthen a colony; swarm behaviour, winter and spring management and queen rearing.

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Describes mild to severe reactions and how to treat.

Queen bee.jpg

Finding, marking, caging, year colours, re-queening, species, keeping her safe.

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