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Image by Gavin Allanwood

New Clubhouse Project

Honeycomb grey_edited.jpg
Storm destroys RVBKA clubhouse
Tree crushes RVBKA shed



A storm in March 2022 brought down trees at the apiary, crushing the clubhouse building, storage shed and decking.

A meeting of committee members agreed that the way forward was to put in a larger structure that would better accommodate the club's activities.

A plan to raise funds for part of the cost was born and Mark Carton was appointed as Project Manager.

Tree crushes RVBKA decking
Honeycomb grey_edited.jpg



The demolition phase of the project at the apiary site took the combined efforts of many volunteers and the kind donation of some equipment and materials.

A tremendous amount of effort was needed to safely clear away and cut up the fallen tree and to take down and dispose of the crushed buildings.

A break from chain-saw work RVBKA
RVBKA making the area safe
RVBKA clearing up the fallen tree
Honeycomb grey_edited.jpg


 Groundworks & Clean-up

Substantial work was required to create a strong and level foundation for the new metal building and the extended parking area.

Club members raised funds for the project by selling raffle tickets for cash prizes and raffling off kindly donated beekeeping equipment and other donated prizes at the annual summer BBQ in July 2022.

Honeycomb grey_edited.jpg



Once again, many volunteers pitched in to help with the internal work required to customise, decorate and furnish the inside of the building.

Several club members donated furniture and equipment.

A new fence was constructed and the improved storage area finished and car-park area levelled and gravelled.

Honeycomb grey_edited.jpg




 The final touches were completed with the help of many:

  • Bridget Boyle put in flowering plants for pollinators

  • Walls and ceiling were painted

  • Decking and steps were constructed

  • The door glass was installed

  • Noticeboards, pictures and certificates were put up

  • Furniture in storage was returned and arranged


Honeycomb grey_edited.jpg

Opening 18 August 2022



David made a speech about the history of the club and how proud he is of the new facility and thanked all who were involved and gave a special thank you to Dave Atherton for his donated equipment.


Bridget Boyle cut the ribbon and spoke a few words, and the first meeting and very successful auction event got underway. 

David and Bridget at Ribbon Cutting
New RVBKA clunhouse
RVBKA Set up for meeting.jpg
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