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Pile of Books

Bee Book Library

The club keeps a small library of excellent books on a range of subjects related to beekeeping. Club members can borrow books at meetings. The library is managed by Bridget Boyle. If you have a book to donate, please bring it to a club meeting.

In Search of the Best Strains of Bees

Brother Adam

An account of Brother Adam's journies through Europe and his evaluation of bee races and crosses.

A Recipe For Bees

Gail Anderson-Dargatz


Beekeeping At Buckfast Abbey

Brother Adam

Methods used by the creator of the Buckfast Bee strain.


Ron Brown

Wax casting and candle-making from a well know lecturer.

Honeybee Diseases & Pests

Canadian Association of Professional Apiarists

Includes more on exotic threats and expanded contents about pesticides and a pest management chapter and diagnostic table.

Heather Honey, An Anthology of Works

Ian Copinger

A compilation of various card back books that have been written by associations.

The World History of Beekeeping & Honey Hunting

Eve Crane

A detailed history of people's use of bees from prehistoric times to modern times.

Anatomy & Disection of the Honeybee

H.A. Dade

Key reading by national associations. Excellent diagrams & photographs, including optical microscope images.

The HoneyBee Inside Out

Celia F Davis

Intermediate to Advanced

Detailed anatomy & physiology in a clear & concise format with many photos & author illustrations. Describes how to do your own disection.

The HoneyBee Inside Out

Celia F Davis

Intermediate to Advanced

Later edition of this excellent book.

The HoneyBee Around & About

Celia F Davis

Intermediate to Advanced

Honey bee beginnings, races, health, brood & adult bee disease and function as a pollinator, among other topics.

HoneyBee Around & About 2nd

Celia F Davis

Intermediate to Advanced

Later edition of this excellent book.

The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping

Ivor Davis

Aimed at beginners,  working with colonies, acquiring bees & keep them healthy &  each month of the year and FAQs.


Andrew Davis

A practical and inspirational guide to keeping bees and managing an apiary.

Practical Beekeeping

Clive DeBruyn

A complete guide to the honey bee and its management.

Spoonfuls of Honey

Hattie Ellis

A guide to honey's flavours and culinary uses, with 80+ recipes.

The Backyard Beekeeper

Kim Flottum

A guide to beekeeping and a honey cookbook. Covers other uses of honey.

Queen Breeding & Genetics

Eigil Holm

How to get better bees.

Mating Biology of Honeybees

Gudrun & Nikolaus Koeniger et al

More in depth information on drones than in many other books.

Waxy Corner

Jenny Gammon

Uses of wax.

Some Important Operations in Bee Management

TSK and MP Johansson

Beyond the basics, with a focus on increasing profits from beekeeping.

Langstroth's Hive & the Honeybee


First descriptive treatise on modern beekeeping and discussion of first modern movable frame hive.

Form & Function in the Honeybee

Lesley Goodman

More than 300 colour illustrations, photographs and diagrams in a guide to bee biology.

Guide To Bees & Honey

Ted Hooper

An ideal guide for beginner's and a revered reference by many experienced in the craft.

The History of Bees

Maja Lunde

Fiction spanning 1851 England, United Staes in 2007, to 2098 China.

Healthy Bees Are Happy Bees

Pam Gregory

Comprehensive guide to bee health and sickness. Details beekeeping problems, diseases, pests and parasites.

Plants For Bees

Kirk & Howes

All the information needed to create a healthy and productive environment for all UK bee species.

The Life of the Bee

Maurice Maeterlnck

Philosophy is that 'no living creature, not even man, has acheived in the centre of their sphere, what the bees have acheived'.


Clair Preston

A survey of the natural and cultural history of the bee and the bee's role in art, politics and social thought.

At The Hive Entrance

H Storch

How to know what is happening inside, by observing what is happening at the entrance.

The Rose Hive Method

Tim Rowe

Challenges the hives and hive-management processes that are common-place and offers a new approach.

The Buzz About Bees

Jurgen Tantz

About the colony as an integrated and independent "super-organism".

Honeybee Democracy

Thomas Seeley

About collective decision-making of the colony.

Honey Bee Veterinary Medicine

Nicolas Vidal-Naquet

Qualified animal health professionals are becoming involved in global apiculture.

Following The Wild Bees

Thomas Seeley

A how-to book with a focus on finding wild bees.

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